Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Where the heck did the weekend go? It always starts out so slow and then Sunday zooms by way too quickly. Oh well. 

Friday I did my usual-- work, workout, take the dogs on an insanely long walk while talking on the phone, read, etc etc. 

It was so beautiful out and really started to feel like fall. The dogs and I walked for a good hour and played around with their friends: Milo, Molly, Parker, and I forget the names of the two obnoxious dogs that run around with their funny owner. 

Saturday BG got a few presents in the mail and my goodness is her nursery starting to look like an episode of Hoarders! I refuse to clean/organize until we get back from our shower, so for now the door is staying shut. 

Henry has been sitting in the crib for at least 3 weeks. Poor guy. 

Speaking of gifts for BG, my friend Jennifer sent the sweetest little basket of goodies! We decided to gift each other with push presents. She's due in November with a little girl so we picked a price, set a date to mail our gifts, and waiting anxiously for our boxes! It was so much fun. 

I'll post more about it in detail later, but this mama was loving the candy corn & Burt's Bees body lotion! 

She said she got the basket from Etsy. Isn't it adorable?

...And then there's Cocoa driving me batty! She just sat like that while I attempted a nap during a Lifetime movie. It lasted about 13 seconds until I took them both for a walk. 

That pretty much sums up Sunday.. trying to relax and catch up on sleep but had two little energetic poodles bouncing at my feet all day! 

My husband and I watched an episode of the show Modern Dads on A&E and we liked it! Definitely a cute show just to watch if you're bored. 

Sunday night I was able to catch up on emails, get myself ready for the work week, and finally crashed around 11. 

That's all I can think of. We definitely needed a weekend to relax/ was so needed! xO

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