Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Happenings

And with that, the weekend is over. Boo. This weekend went by so fast I honestly don't remember the details. I'll do my best. :)

Friday after work this little cutie and her mama came by. Isn't Coco the cutest? 

My new(ish?) friend came by for pizza and helped me organize the nursery. She helped tremendously and I'm forever grateful.  

Little Miss needs a few more giraffes! 

*I'll do another nursery update soon, promise!* But for now the giraffe photo is all you get!

We ripped tags off clothes and sorted by color so I could wash, she moved some things around (for at least the 4th time), and figured out what was still needed. 

..Turns out we needed a lot

Saturday morning my husband ran out to return something at BRU and came home with a Boppy! It was something we knew we needed and didn't have yet. I'm sure he was a little embarrassed having to carry that thing around (without a bag) until he got home! 

My husband had to work Saturday (as usual) so my afternoon looked like this: 

All the Lifetime movies were duds. Sigh. 

Saturday night I got a random burst of energy (guess that's what happens when you sit around for 3 hours) and cleaned. Oh! And made a yummy dinner. 

Sunday morning I woke up and knew we had to be husband clearly thought otherwise.

All kidding aside he's been a huge help around the house as of late. Sunday is always our laundry day and he knows I despise folding clothes. 

After lunch we headed out to BRU. We had our registry completion coupon that was about to expire, and not to mention a bunch of gift cards. 

We snagged the Pack 'N Play and we're totally excited about it. Of course the napper on the top is crooked, so I created a little list for my FIL. :) 

Oh, ya like how it's all just hanging in our dining room area? Our apartment looks like a day care. 

I'm super blessed that my FIL likes to be put to work. Even more blessed that he will be here on Friday. 

When we opened our sound machine it just plain didn't work. Hopefully it's something simple because I really don't want to go back to BRU...always something! 

And this morning, on my busiest day of the week, my office looked like this: 

Yup. Bet ya can't guess how today went. 

Happy Monday, folks! xO

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