Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Question Friday-- September 20th

Woo hoo, it's Friday. Thank goodness because our house is a disaster (more on that here). Even my husband asked how much longer the car seat box is going to sit in front of the TV for. At least I have the whole weekend to get organized and clean this place up! 

Besides that, I am having my new friend over for dinner tomorrow night! She is so sweet and I'm so blessed to have found a few sweet friends here. 

There were lots of questions this week so I'll try to get them answered in the next few Fridays. Some can be condensed to a few questions, so I'll try to do that. 

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! xO

1. What breed of dogs does your aunt have? 

They are Cairn Terriers-- just like Toto from the Wizard of Oz! I'm sure this is coming...their names are Lucy (3ish, blonde) and Gracie (7ish, black). 

2. Where did you get the necklace that you wore to the shower (back here)?

Target clearance. 

3. Do you recommend traveling with dogs? Do you have a "plan" that works for you guys? How do they behave? Do you choose to sit in the back seat?

Yes, I definitely recommend traveling with dogs! It's certainly not easy but it works for us. We don't really have a plan-- I walk them a lot the day before we drive, we don't feed them the day we drive, and we make sure to stop at a place that they can pee and walk around for a bit. 

My husband swears by his little "set up": Bringing the dog beds and blankets and encouraging lots of sleeping. It really works! (You can see some pictures of us in the car back here). 

Yup, I always sit in the back seat or drive. The front seat makes me car sick! It's a bonus when we travel with the dogs so I can entertain them out of my husband's way. 

4. Is the aunt you stayed with the one who's your boss? Is that weird? 

Yup! No, not weird. 

5. What are the 7 balls sitting by the dogs from this post? Are they dryer balls? 

Yes, they are felt dryer balls. I got them in case little miss is sensitive to dryer sheets..they basically do the same thing. Plus they are much cheaper and good for the environment. :) 

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