Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Question Friday-- December 28th

Yay for Friday! I hope everyone is having a great Friday-- whether working or playing! This week has been super weird with the holiday and our weird work schedules.

What are your plans this weekend?

I always say we will relax over the weekend but we always discover something that has to get done. Looks like this weekend we'll be looking at a new place to live! More updates on this later. I am going over to a friend's house tomorrow to help her organize, which is my favorite thing in the world. Besides that it should be quiet. :)

1. What are you doing for New Years? Do you have any resolutions? 

For NYE we are going to a friend's party and of course watch the ball drop. I felt I should bring something so I need to decide what I'm making/baking/buying. Yes, I have several resolutions (I call them goals for 2013) that I will be posting soon!

2. Did you really ship your presents just like in the picture you posted (first picture, found here)? 

No. LOL! There are lots of presents inside the Macy's & Bath and Body Works bags. The only thing that didn't have wrapped gifts inside was the red bag on the left. I know I suck.

3. How do I follow you on Instagram?

My username is elboese. I think you have to have an app on your smartphone, but it's free. When you download the app you just search my username in the search bar and tap follow. Pretty simple!

4. Do you really live in DC or are you in a different area? Isn't DC expensive?

LOL! Well, talk about nosey. I could make this a really long answer or really short-- I'm going with long. :)

No, we do not live in DC. Our address does not have "Washington DC" in it and our license plate is not from DC.
This meme made us laugh so hard!

We live in the metro DC area (whatever the heck that means. Well actually it means you can metro to DC easily). We can see beautiful downtown from our roof.

When we watch the news, it's the DC weather because we're that close. Make sense? :)

Yup, DC (what we refer to as "downtown") is pricey to live. We don't have a desire to live there (again, more on that later) because it's mostly young professionals, not families with crazy dogs.

5. Where did you get your stockings? (Middle of this post)

Hmmm I want to say Home Depot (Martha Stewart) and I ironed on the letters. They are a few years old, I think we're on year 3 of them. They definitely aren't perfect but I love them!

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