Saturday, May 25, 2013

Baby B is a ...

On Wednesday May 22nd we found out that Baby B is a girl!

We are so excited words cannot describe. Being a mama to a baby girl will be so much fun! I see lots of headbands, dresses, and tutus in my future. And white furniture. And headbands. Lots of headbands.

As I've mentioned multiple times, I truly thought Baby B was a HE! Imagine my surprise (and excitement) when the tech said "It's a girl". I was so excited my eyebrows were shaking. No idea how that happens.

My husband is looking forward to having a little girl that he can spoil. He is always reminding me: "You know, most little girls cling to their Daddy a lot more than their Mama". Okay, I get it. She is going to be obsessed with him.

Baby Girl is happy and healthy in the tummy and was a little wiggle worm. Maybe it was the 16 ounces of Orange Juice I chugged (full of sugar, mind you) 33 seconds before my appointment? Possibly. :)

Because she was such a little wiggle worm we didn't get a good shot of her spine. So I get to get another look at her at 24 weeks! I think that will be it as far as ultrasounds until we meet her for realz in October! Holy macaroni!

She is such a beauty. We are totally obsessed with her and cannot wait to meet her! My husband and I are wondering if she'll have any hair, my hair (blonde), or his (a little darker). Soon enough we will find out.

Oh, I am totally obsessed with this fabric. Obsessed. As in, I am ordering this blanket today once I get my crap together.

I may peek around and see if this fabric can be made into a changing pad cover, crib skirt, wall paper, clothes, car interior, etc. Kidding, a little

Once I have one big piece (this), I feel like I can bring it around with me for other key pieces. 

Baby girls are the best! xO

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