Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Question Friday-- May 31st

Happy Friday, y'all! TGIF, seriously. Last weekend was absolute hell. (Sorry, but it was). Not sure if I'll post about it but our little boy Oreo was in the emergency vet twice, and ended up being hospitalized for the day. Luckily he's on the road to recovery, but it was very scary.

This weekend I would just like to relax. We were never able to "celebrate" Memorial Day or BBQ with our friends, so I still have my burger and baked beans craving. 

Our fist anniversary is Sunday, but I don't think my husband has anything planned. Probably just dinner, which will be nice. We never go out to dinner (unless Chick Fil A counts). 

Have a fabulous weekend, people! xO

1. What is the worst thing about staying in a hotel?

Hmmm. I really love hotels. Well, not crappy ones. If it's a nice place I don't worry about germs (or I try to not think about it). The only annoying thing I can think of is never knowing if I can drink water from the sink, not having access to water, etc. It's always such a pain! We end up running through the hallways to find a vending machine. 

2. Would you prefer to live without A/C or heat?

Heat, duh!

3. Is your baby girl's room going to be decked out in pink?

Not really. I love pink, but it doesn't need to be crazy. As I've mentioned several times I'm obsessed with this blankie, so I'll use that to gather other items. 

I can pull lots of colors from it-- blues, black, green, yellow. BUT, I don't want it to be gender neutral in the slightest. She will definitely be all girl. :)

4. Do you mind sharing where you got your maternity clothes and what you ended up getting?

Sure. I'll be better about taking photos when I am wearing the clothes, but we found everything at Motherhood Maternity and Target. Target was awesome for just simple T-shirts to wear with jean shorts/capris/whatever. 

Motherhood was having some kind of sale but I can't remember what it was. I got these capris and I'm in love with them. I'll probably go back and get them in one or two more colors. :) I think these are the jean shorts I picked out. I'm not a fan of showing off my legs, but they were comfortable. And like I said, there was a sale! Lastly I got these shorts in the grey. They are super comfy as well. 

The shirts from Motherhood are just as nice as the Target ones. After washing two of them I noticed they will definitely have to be ironed. Not sure why but they just scrunched up badly! One of the shirts I got ended up being a little bit see thru, but I can wear a tank top under it. 

Okay hopefully that helps!

5. How does your husband feel about being a dad to a girl? Didn't he want a boy?

LOL the person who asked this is obviously a close friend of mine, because I never shared that he wanted a boy on here. Did I? 

Yes, he wanted a boy because he wanted our first child to be a boy. I don't know, something that the oldest child needs to protect the littles. 

After having a week or two to really let it sink it, he is totally in love with our baby girl. I think all along he wanted a girl! He is so excited to have a little girl to spoil and he is always reminding me how much little girls love their daddies, not their mamas. LOL! He is such a brat. 

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