Friday, May 17, 2013

Letters to Baby B & Journaling

Long before I got pregnant I decided to start keeping a journal. Actually it was right around the time my husband left for his training. A friend suggested keeping a journal so my husband could see all the fun adventures I did while he was gone.

I'm so thankful for the friend who suggested this! I went through a regular spiral notebook from the time he left until early March. In March I got this cute little book (above).

Writing is something that I have to force myself to do. Reading? Easy. Writing? I will find every excuse not to write in my journal.

I don't write pages and pages, some days it's definitely more than others. It's usually while I'm eating lunch or breakfast or during breaks in my workouts. I have convinced myself many times that I don't have time to write, but I'm always glad I spent the 5 minutes writing down our life.

My husband and I love looking back in my purple journal (the first one) and seeing the crazy things I did while he was gone. The day I drove all the way to Baltimore to go to Hobby Lobby and didn't buy one thing. Whoops. Or the day I baked a cake for myself.

The purple journal is sitting in a "memory" bin in our office closet. It sits among chips from Vegas hotels, my positive pregnancy test, and other random things we cannot let ourselves throw away.

2 days after I found out I was pregnant, I went to Barnes & Noble and snagged this hard cover book. I knew I wanted my baby to know every feeling/thought going on in my brain.

Come on-- Wouldn't you love to have a journal from your mom on her pregnancy and what she was thinking? Did she secretly want a baby boy? Want to name you Bartholomew? (No offense to anyone named Bartholomew).

I cannot tell you what I would give to talk to my mom about everything going on. I want to know if she had stretch marks (According to my dad, no, but what does he really know?), if she had morning sickness, if I was surprise, and what other names they were considering naming me.

Now obviously some of you can just call your mom and find out. Brats.

Regardless, I brought this journal home and first wrote about who I am. My husband did the same thing. He actually included his height..ya know, in case our child is really wondering. :-)

Every few weeks (or after appointments) we write a little letter to our baby and one day we'll give this book to him/her.

That's our plan, anyway, to write and write until we fill the journal. I threw in the extra ultrasound pictures and a card I gave my husband. I can't wait to write in the journal when our baby is actually here!

When our baby is a teenager and he or she "hates" us, my husband and I can look back and smile.

Then I can use this book to smack my kid on the booty.

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