Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- May 19th

Warning: Get ready for a iPhone photo dump. I need to do this more often!

Everyday about a half hour/hour before my husband gets home, Cocoa goes and sits by the door. She never has to go out, she just waits for her papa. Precious. In the past few months she has definitely been more clingy to him. He loves it!

Ahem. Late night run to Coldstone for cake batter ice cream & sprinkles.

I cannot be the only girl who doesn't like to eat alone? My husband said he'd go out and get ice cream but I was worried he wasn't going to get anything for himself. He sent this picture to show me that he had gotten something for himself. Good. :)

...Aaand now I'm realizing how much food I eat.

My dad picked this bread out for us when he was here. So tasty!

Adventures on my walks.

Hi. Take me out.

On this particular morning (above) Oreo had snuggled way up next to my belly. We were really trying to keep the dogs away from my belly because a few nights prior to this, Oreo leapt right up on my belly. It scared the daylights out of me.

Regardless, he was completely awake and snuggled there. Around 5, he was licking my belly for about twenty minutes! I have no idea if he knows what's going on, but it was precious. 

More adventures on my walks.

Two weeks ago it was police week here. There was nothing very exciting going on where we live besides this motorcade honoring 5 fallen officers. My husband said there was a 5k and a festival down where he works..and I think he got some free food that day. He was thrilled to say the least. 

For reals.

Now that we have our moving plans (more on that back here) officially in the books, I've been on a cleaning/purging kick. 

My husband was off last Wednesday so he went through all his work papers and shredded for an hour or so. The office closest is sparkling now. :-)

Love my papi..

Another late night run for snacks!

I mentioned we went to the vet for the dogs' yearly appointment and my goodness was it a nightmare! They had to have blood taken for their heart worm test (which is normal to do). When they handed Oreo back to me I got blood all up my hand/wrist. Really? He rocked this adorable bandage all night. 

As if the blood was not enough excitement for one day, I bought them some new treats (pictured above) for something like $16.99. 

Cocoa refused to eat hers (surprise, surprise), but Oreo ate his pretty quickly. He then proceeded to yak 4 times. We weren't sure if he was sick from the treats or the shots, so that was dreadful. 

So thankful both my babies are happy and healthy and running around today!

Been on a quesadilla kick lately. So amazing. 

He did ask for lots of meat on his sandwich..

My dad is super supportive! 

Okay, people. Enjoy your Sunday! xO

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