Monday, April 15, 2013

Life According to My Phone-- April 15th

Happy Tax Day! Hopefully you have filed your taxes or you took the day off to do them today.

Okay by now you have probably read about our announcement-- stay tuned for lots of fun updates!

Oreo loves his apples! 

Why yes I spent $30 on this gender predictor kit. I just want to know already-- boy or girl? More info on it here.

Is there any denying that? Ha.

One night before bed Cocoa refused to put any pressure on one of her back legs. I was trying not to panic but it was pretty scary to watch her run on three legs (when she has 4!). 

When it was time for bed, Cocoa sprinted (on all 4's) to the bed to get her treat. Really? So I texted my dad the story the next morning, LOL. 

As most of you know I walk several dogs for neighbors-- it's a fun little side job! Fenway & Shadow are the 2 I walk most often. More on Fenway back here and more on Shadow back here

So my new little guy is Pippen! He's a Beagle mix and such a sweetie. Seriously, I hate leaving him when it's time to makes me so sad! 

My husband was afraid of him when I first started walking him and wouldn't touch him. He does kind of look like a Pit and if he is, oh well. But surprisingly Pippen is very calm and sweet. Of course we brought him over to our place and he headed straight for Oreo's toys..

Who would have thought my 9 lb poodle would growl and snarl at this "scary" looking dog?! 

Got this table because our bed side tables are super tiny and couldn't hold the humidifier I got. My MIL found it at Bed Bath & Beyond so I snagged it-- super easy for my husband to put together. 

The baskets are from Target (similar here). Think they were around $10-$12 a piece. One has the dogs' sweaters in it and the other has slippers. :-) 

And I'll post more on those books later this week!

Spring is here!

This is my favorite park to jog/walk to. To the far right is the airport and I love to watch the planes land and take off. My FIL said he can see this park when he leaves DC so I always try not to look like an idiot while I work out. Ha!

Fenway got Cocoa & Oreo an Easter basket. Note the hole in the toy. Sweet. 

Sometimes I'll take pictures of the dogs I walk and text them to the owners so they know they're doing OK. :) 

Shadow is super sweet. She is about 164 years old and our walks take so long. But ya know? It's nice walking a dog that doesn't pull the leash the entire time!

I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this stuff so you just wait. But seriously-- go out and buy 10 bottles STAT! 

Everybody always ask how they sleep, so here!

Our after-Dr. day date

My husband wore a bright orange SU shirt around campus..he got a lot of dirty looks. 

After the doctor last week we walked through Georgetown and had a little afternoon date. It was lots of fun! I think Georgetown is so beautiful with all the old buildings and church. 

We got some Georgetown cupcakes, had lunch, and walked around. Going to the cupcake place made me think of my visit with my sister! (I think we left with either 6 or 12 cupcakes. She even froze one and brought it back for her that is love!).

Next time we plan to stop at "the stairs" from the Exorcist! (More on that here). 

And of course Dean & Deluca. My dad introduced me to Dean & Deluca in NYC and I have been obsessed ever since. And then my dad got my husband hooked. 

It's basically a fancy grocery store. The one in NYC has a cafe in it but ours doesn't. We left with $30 worth of goodies-- so much fun! 

Haven't tried this yet but it only has 88 calories (compared to almost 200 in regular PB)! Also got some tasty granola, a s'mores bar, and my husband left with about 20 rock candy bars. 

So one day I walked to Target and bought this bad boy. You don't understand how hot I am 24/7. I cannot stay cold. I mentioned I sleep with ice packs-- I am not joking. Something about having more blood running through my system. Whatever the reason, I'm hoping this sno cone maker will be my new BFF. 

Lately I've been grinding the ice and pouring Vitamin Water Zero over it..absolutely amazing, LOL! 

Tulips are one of my favorites! Loved seeing these on my walk with my husband! Spring is finally here.

Enjoy your Monday, people! xO

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