Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bumpdate-- 26 Weeks

Woo hoo-- 26 weeks! Where is the time going? When the heck am I in the 3rd trimester? Ha. I think it's 27 or 28 weeks.

We are finally settled in our new place (more on that back here) and I have every urge to nest-- clean, organize, buy crap, and get rid of stuff. Just ask my sister. When she was here I was literally sending my husband to the trash with the most random items.

It seems that lil miss gets a new present in the mail every day. She's quite a popular little girl! Almost everything is giraffe is the funniest thing in the world.

How far along? 26W5D

Maternity Clothes: Yup. Special shout out to my auntie Sharon who, while my other aunt was gifting me with two adorable onesies, gave me her size LARGE Nike shirt and told me it was the most practical gift I'd receive. Hey, she's totally right because I'm rocking it 24/7.

Stretch Marks? Just under my one boob. Nothing on the belly yet..knock on wood. We did have another scare when my sister was here but after lots of inspecting she determined it was a vein.

Sleep: Cannot get enough. Take a good 1 1/2- 2 hour nap every day and sleep for at least 10 hours a night. Apparently this is all normal in the 3rd trimester (now if only I knew when the 3rd trimester starts..)

Knock on wood have not had any round ligament pain in the middle of the night lately (praise God)!

Best Moment This Week: We officially have a shower date! I'm so excited to travel to NY in September and can't wait to see my family. Now the only issue is finding something to wear.

And this funny story:

Every Monday I give my husband a list of "to-dos" for the week. This week he had to call our insurance company and find out how much more per month our BG will be.

I was in the office working and could hear him on the phone talking to the lady on speaker phone. If you don't know my husband then take my word for it-- he's super awkward on the phone. He doesn't know how to start/stop conversation, he is just weird.

Regardless, the lady reminds him that if we provide documentation of my pregnancy, we can get a free breast pump. He asks what he needs to do and she connects him to another line. The next lady answers and my super-awkward-but-awesome husbands says "Hi, I need my free breast pump" and I about lost it. The lady on the other end of the phone asked, "Is your wife aware you're calling on her behalf?". Um, no. He's just calling because he wants to use a breast pump. Sigh.

Miss anything? I love being pregnant! I will definitely miss it. But I do miss sleeping on my belly and not being hot 24/7. And I miss drinking all the Diet Coke in the world.

Craving Anything? Just milk. Cannot get enough!

Movement: My little dancer! She is active at the same time of day every day-- 11AM and 10PM-Midnight.

As most of you know, before I was pregnant chocolate made me sick. Early in my pregnancy, I got an urge to try some. The smell is still a bit weird, but I can definitely handle chocolate in small amounts right now.

When BG doesn't move for a few hours and I get nervous, I throw a tiny handful of chocolate chips in my mouth and she rocks and rolls. It's so funny! She is just like her grandma. I can just see my MIL taking our little girl out for chocolate ice cream and my little girl bouncing around the room!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Butter, popcorn, and garlic. And our oven being on is the worst.

Have you started to show yet? There is no more hiding the bump, people.

Gender: Baby girls are the best!

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In. And for the blog reader who didn't believe me here's your proof:

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Today I was very irritable for whatever reason. I made some cookies and felt much better. :) Every little thing was just getting on my nerves. Besides that, I'm usually in a great mood and very happy. 

Looking forward to: Our appointment. Changed it to Monday so my husband wouldn't have to rush back to get to work. We will get to schedule my RH shot and the glucose party (ha) so that is kind of exciting! 

Symptoms: (Decided to add this one). Extreme fatigue, get full really easily, back/leg/thigh/calf pain, and charlie horses 24/7.

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