Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Question Friday-- July 12th

Happy Friday, people! Hopefully y'all had a great week and you're ready to tackle the weekend.

I'm home from my vacation and I'm so thankful I have all weekend to recuperate. :) We had a wonderful time and I'll be sure to post about it when I have 33 seconds to spare.

This weekend I hope to clean up, do some laundry, and get a whole bunch of groceries. I still feel quite unsettled in our new place and have a strong urge to nest!

1. How is your back pain? (Mentioned back here)

Thank you for asking! It is slightly better. I'm able to walk but not very far. Lately it's been traveling from my back all the way down my butt and thighs and even my calves sometimes! It's horrible. My pregnancy pillow is a lifesaver.

Hopefully now that life is a bit more relaxed, the pain will subside.

2. Where did you get your shirt from this post

Pea in a Pod. I cannot find a link but it's pretty new so you should be able to find it!

3. Have you worked on your birth plan yet? Do you have a format you recommend or did your Dr provide one? 

NO! I suck and am totally slacking, I know. We know the meat and potatoes of it, but still need to research a few things. It's not like you can plan your entire birth....stuff is going to come up that is out of your control! It's just important to note what is important to you.

The most important thing I have to note is that I have the RH factor. We can't forget that!

I have a birth plan that a friend created. I can ask her if I can share it but again-- as long as you note what is important to you, a detailed format is not necessary (in my opinion).

4. What do you guys have to do to get ready for baby? Do you have a list of stuff, classes, etc? 

What don't we have to do? I'll try to do a post on it but we have a ridiculous amount of crap to accomplish. God gives you 9 months to prepare, though, so I'm not stressed!

Yup! We are taking lots of classes throughout the month of August. My husband is a saint and signed us up for everything. He's most excited for the hospital tour, LOL.

5. Are you going to continue your job once baby girl arrives? 

Yup! I think I'll take a few weeks off but work right up until she gets here.

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