Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Question Friday-- July 5th

Hi there! I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th and you celebrated well into the night like us. There were some beautiful fireworks downtown that we were able to watch from the roof of our building.

I have so much to catch you up on, but we moved on Monday. It is so nice being in a much bigger place. My in laws are here now and then we take off for our beach vacation on Sunday. Lots going on at the Boese household!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I promise to update soon!

1. How are you going to decorate the nursery? Do you have a theme or picture you're going by?

No clue! You all know I love this blanket, so I will be incorporating that into the nursery somehow. Right now the nursery is just a changing table, bookcase, and some goodies we have purchased/received!

2. I love your bathing suit (from this post)! Be sure to get a picture. You didn't want to get a bikini?

Thank you very much! No, wasn't totally ready to rock a bikini yet. Maybe next time?

3. How did you spend the holiday?

Nothing too crazy. We shopped a bit in the morning/afternoon and came home and grilled out. My favorite part? Baked beans! We also made Special K Bars again. Yum!

After we ate we went up to the pool/roof area and watched the fireworks. They were beautiful! We came home and at 11 some idiot decided to shoot off more fireworks. Sweet.

4. Do you make your bed everyday?

No. :( My mom would be disappointed. Maybe 4 days out of the week.

5. How much time do you spend on your computer a day?

Hmmm. On a typical work day I'd say all day. Luckily when I'm on the phone I stand up and walk around, walk the dogs several times a day, and stop for lunch.

On the weekends I try to avoid the computer like the plague. :)

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  1. HAHA I NEVER make my bed unless maybe we have company (and that's pushing it) my grandma is probably rolling in her grave!! I never saw the point since I'm just gonna get back into it and no one put me ever goes in my room lol