Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did you get married? 
June 2, 2012

Do you work? What do you do for a living? 
Yes, I work full time from home for my dad's company. It's a family company. I am the HR rep and deal with all payroll. I love it to pieces but it's just that-- work. My aunt is my boss and we work really well together. 

What breed are your dogs and how old are they? 
They are both miniature poodles. Oreo is from a rescue so he could have a mix of something else in him, but we usually just say poodle. As of July 2013, Cocoa is 7 and Oreo is 4. 

Do you dye or color your hair?
Please, no.

What happened to your mom? 
She lost her 9 month battle with Ovarian Cancer in 2009. I was 19. 

Do you have a name for your baby girl? 
Yes, we do. We are keeping it as quiet as possible until she makes her arrival. Most of our family knows and a few select friends. 

Was your baby a surprise, were you even trying to get pregnant? 
Obviously we know where babies come from! :) Without getting too personal, we decided at the beginning of 2013 to see what God's plan for us was. My husband knew it would happen immediately and I had my doubts. Imagine my surprise on February 7th, 2013 when a positive pregnancy test was staring me in the face! More about that back here

Are you close to your family? You must be-- they come and visit all the time!
Yes, we are. To most people I am probably too close. Like I said, I work for my dad's company so I talk to my family members several (read: 20) times a day. 

Not only my family, but my husband's family as well. We don't like to say "his" family and "my" family--it's our family. We have a wonderful support system and we are blessed with such loving family members! 

What does your husband do for a living? 
I would like to keep his life as private as possible, but he's a LEO. Do I have any LEO wives on here? Be sure to say hi!

Do you use Twitter, Instagram, Keek, or Kik? 
Just Twitter and Instagram. You can find me on Twitter here-- @DCBoeses. My Instagram name is ElBoese

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