Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- July 30th

Here are some pictures from my phone as of late... totally slacking on taking photos-- I need to do better! 

Came into our room and found this scene. Really? 

My SIL had written a cute 4th of July note on our chalkboard but it was time to change it. This is now what's greeting you when you enter our house. Seriously, don't you wish more people applied this in everyday life?

Oreo is totally head over heels obsessed with my belly. He knows something is going on and he freaks out when she moves. It's too funny. 

Any chance he gets he rests his head on my belly and just stares at me. Cocoa is a bit more nonchalant and doesn't care. Typical. 

When we first moved, my sister didn't know where to put her towels in the guest bathroom when she was done with them. My MIL came and we picked up this giant package of baskets (all different sizes) from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

We put the biggest one in the guest bathroom and my husband thought it was for decoration. Seriously. After we made this huge thing about it when his mom was here he still thought it was "for show". 


And as if you needed any more proof that I'm totally crazy...

Yes, I did this. I know, I know. Please judge me. My husband's parents got BG this darling dress and to be honest? I just can't wait to put it on our little girl.

So I settled for Cocoa. She couldn't walk in it but did a lovely job modeling it.

October needs to hurry up or I'll be dressing these dogs in onesies and diapers.

I need help. 

Mom, what are you doing?

LOL. We had Fenway over for an hour or so a few weeks ago. He went on our bed and found a stuffed dog..whoops. He had already destroyed it so I just let him go to town. 

Okay that's all folks! Enjoy your Tuesday, people. xO

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