Monday, July 8, 2013

Moved, Visitors, and Why I'm Never Moving Again

Thank God our lease doesn't end until October 2014. I never want to move again. Next time I'm 6 months pregnant and think moving is a great idea, just shove my head underwater. 

As most of you know we moved just two doors down to an apartment that's at least 300 square feet bigger. The dogs love the extra space (so does their mama) and the gigantic window in the living room (not pictured but I promise I will get one soon!). 

We're still in search of a new couch. Something....anything that is bigger and more comfortable than what we have now. We aren't picky. 

We got the most perfect little perch for the dogs to look out my office window. They absolutely adore it! I can't wait to work all day and have them sit there and look out the window. It's from Bed Bath and Beyond and I even put some work supplies in the cubbies underneath it. 

My sister and I went shopping for the day and came home with an entire shopping cart full of crap. We only had one bathroom this entire time, so I had to go out and get crap for our now second bathroom because she was staying there that night! Then after my sister left, my in laws came! 

Like I said, it has been a whirlwind. 

A whirlwind, but we managed to stop and smell the roses. :)

On Wednesday we had our last ultrasound and got to peek at BG. I love getting to see her and could stare at that screen all day. 

She's such a beaut! We got to see her yawn which is just amazing! God is so good. I'll report more on the u/s on my 25 week bumpdate (for the most recent one, click here). 

We've got about 100 days until my due date-- some days I feel like it's going by fast and others I feel like I've been pregnant forever. 

Got a famous parfait! It was delish. No, I don't want to know how many calories. 

When my in laws were here we went on a boat ride on the Potomac which was so much fun. Anything to get me out of our cramped apartment! 

I'm so self conscious with my big 'ole belly but here's my SIL and me! It was a beautiful night. 

My view this morning. 

And as if all of these visitors and moving wasn't enough going on, now I'm on vacation. Well, I didn't take work off so I'm still dealing with work issues, BUT it is still nice to be away. 

We're an hour away at a cute house by the bay with some of my NY family. It is so beautiful here! 

More later people! xO

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