Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sister Visit-- December 2012

The week before Christmas, my sister & her boyfriend visited.

It was much colder than her last visit (more on that back here), but we still had lots of fun. Plus, she made super fun memories with her boy.

My husband obviously had to work and I had a lot to get done for work but I was able to sneak off and get some good visiting with them.

I'm going to get in trouble but he is so handsome. I'm allowed to say that since we're married. He's cute! 

The bum thing about my loving to be behind the camera is that there are never pictures of me. One day I want my children to actually know what I looked like! Oh well. We're working on that. Maybe that can be another 2013 goal?

That would maybe look romantic if there wasn't a chain link fence and construction?

It was so beautiful out and the sun was just begging to be photographed. It was cool out but definitely not freezing. Just perfect out!

All the flags were at half staff for the Sandy Hook victims. It was a wonderful reminder to stop and say a little prayer for the victims and their families. 

I think we were watching protestors or a k9 unit. Something interesting!

By this point it was starting to get really windy and dark. We were planning to go to a Sports Bar for dinner so we made the long trek back to my husband's car. 

That helicopter (above by the flag) was flying around several times. It was big and made lots of noise. I wish my FIL was there because I'm sure he would have known what it was! 

Christine's boyfriend is awesome at photography..

I told you the sun was AMAZING

To see all 50 flags around the monument at half staff was kind of crazy. It really made all those victims really physical and much more real to me. When you only see stuff on the news, that's what happens. Does that make sense? It was much more real seeing 50 flags at half staff. There ya go. That makes sense. 

I cannot stand walking in the gravel through the mall. They really should throw some concrete down..just sayin'. :)

Not sure why this picture looks so odd? But of course had to give the chalkboard some love.

Sorry for the poor iPhone quality. 

My perfect little family. We are so excited to just be together this Christmas and enjoy every moment of it! 

PS-- I will never hunch over in a photo ever again. Ever. Promise. 


Stay tuned for more random DC photos, Christmas, and any other ramblings I find appropriate. xO!

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