Friday, November 9, 2012

Quitting Diet Coke *Update*

So remember when I mentioned having to quit Diet Coke? (You can read more about that here).

Yeah, it's tough. 

So tough that I am still drinking Diet Coke. I know, judge me, I don't care.

At least I'm only having 1 a day? And usually that lonely one is "downed" by noon. Ahem. Again, judge me, I don't care.

And when I go to bed at night, I think about the Diet Coke I get to have when I wake up

That is sad. 

If you can't tell, these are little guys-- I think 10 ounces. 10 ounces is a lot better than 50 ounces, people.

So it's improving, right? 

A neighbor suggested I buy some naturally flavored seltzer water. It has a strong after taste but it gets me through the afternoons. Bonus? It's $0.79/liter. Compared to $5 for 8 10-ounce bottles it's practically free

Someone else suggested Coconut Water. I don't know, kind of freaks me out. I know it has calories and I'd rather not drink my calories. 

My in-laws have had Fresca and I like that. I just can't remember if there are chemicals in that as well?

Oh, and please keep in mind I do drink my water. We have giant tumblers and I'll down about 10 of them a day. I love water. :) 

..But I love Diet Coke more.

So, readers, please share some drinks you suggest! I do tea, it's nothing like soda. I cannot get black coffee down. Blech. 

Okay, all for now! xO

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