Sunday, December 30, 2012

House/Finance Update

Seriously, who doesn't like Will Smith?

Sharing our finance goals helps us (me) be more accountable. It also keeps us on track, motivated, and some most people are naturally curious! Plus, a lot of readers share their financial goals/struggles and we can help each other out.

If you'd like to see a full list of our financial goals and some background, click here

Back here I said I would update you on our house plans. I am using plans loosely because, well, there aren't any. Ha!

:: We are definitely putting buying a home on hold for another year. While it sucks that we are throwing insane amounts of money into rent each month (and not into an investment), we have lots more "wiggle room" living here.

:: Until our lease is up we are throwing ourselves (okay, it's mostly my husband) into finding a cheaper apartment that is further away from the metro area (more on that here). My husband will have to drive to work (and leave me at home like a hummingbird in a shoe box), but we could spend HALF as much per month as we're paying now.

:: The craziest part? The places that are cheaper are actually: safer, bigger, more quiet, and suburban. Mostly because you are no longer in the city. Basically, we could get a bigger apartment (awesome for this ADD lady) for half the price.

:: What's even better is that we will continue to save my salary (plus all my dog walking and blogging) AND the difference in rent.

:: We are hoping that by October/November 2014 we could at least evaluate things and talk to the bank come fall. If we're not ready, that is okay! We can always put it off another year, 6 months, 2 years..there is no rush.

Do you want to know what part of this excites me the most? *Hopefully* getting another bathroom!

Seriously, there is nothing more annoying than having people here (Ahem-- my dad..twice, my sister..twice, my in-laws, friends, etc) and having to wait on the bathroom. It will be so nice to have another one-- I don't care if it means I have to clean more toilets. Bring it on, sister.

*Just had to note that we are so blessed to have wonderful jobs that we not only love but look forward to everyday! There is truly nothing better. 

Of course we have days (mostly me) where I'd like to punch a small child (it's a good thing I work from home), but hey-- it happens. And when it happens I share my stories with my in-laws and they laugh. 

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