Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Question Friday-- April 12th

Welcome to Five Question Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and you're looking forward to the weekend.

We certainly are! It's supposed to rain all day today but be nice tomorrow and Sunday. Thinking we'll head to the dog park tomorrow morning before I meet a friend for lunch.

Last night I saw an early release of the movie 42 and it was excellent! I definitely recommend it. There was some strong language, but an amazing movie.

1. What is your favorite rainy day activity?

Hmm. Probably reading the giant pile of books on my bedside table or playing games.

My husband and I can make a game out of anything. We recently got a $3 wiffle ball set and we love to chuck the ball at each other.

2. Are you usually on time or running late?

Good question! In my head I'll say I'm "running late" but I'm always early or on time. Plus I'm good at speeding, if necessary.

We always say that on time is late. :)

3. Do you or your husband snore?


My husband does have very vivid dreams, though, and wakes me up a lot in a panic. He'll turn the lights on and talk in his sleep. When we were first married I thought it was adorable. Now it's just annoying.

4. What's something you recently splurged on-- yourself or someone else?

Not really a splurger! My dad's birthday is on Sunday so I got him a fun gift but besides that, nothing as of late.

Okay I take that back..I did splurge for a $75 iPhone case, the Mophie. More info here.

5. What is your current favorite song?

I have been obsessing over White Dress by Ben Rector. Seriously, check it out.

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