Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinterest, Baby!

Who is on Pinterest? Seriously, you need to join and I promise you-- your life will never be the same! 

Since announcing my pregnancy I have definitely pinned a few things, but certainly haven't gone overboard. 

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I definitely thought I would have 8 million baby things pinned, but I have kept it pretty simple and only have a few of my favorite things pinned. 


Seriously? I'm obsessed with this. Boy or girl (just throw a headband on baby girl) this would totally work. 

Totally in love with this elephant onesie, too! As I have mentioned, I have a feeling this baby is a boy so most of the outfits I like are for boys. 


Found this after searching "Nursery bookcases". Remember how I mentioned we bought 2 large bookcases for Baby B? While I'd love to fill them with just books, I think we'll end up doing something like this-- baskets (maybe labeled?) filled with goodies/burp cloths/etc, extra blankies, and stuffed animals. 

I haven't thought about paint yet..obviously waiting to find out if we're getting a little he or she! 


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  1. I can tell you are totally enjoying this new adventure. So happy for you!