Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day in the Life-- April 17th

I get lots of emails asking what my typical day is like, so yesterday I made sure to take pictures of the "bigger" things so I can show you want a normal Wednesday is like. Enjoy!

7AM-- Get up, run the dogs out, and inhale breakfast (usually yogurt mixed with berries/bananas/chia seeds). Someone from work typically calls around this time to talk, so I'll pick up the house while inhaling food. It's quite a scene. :)

8AM-- Work! The dogs will usually sit on their bed beside me or on the futon behind me. I'll open the blinds so they can bark at people (Such a thoughtful neighbor, I am).

11AM-- Walk a little monster known as Fenway..

It usually ends up being a good half hour/45 minutes, so I'll go back inside and work until lunch.

Noon/1PM: Lunch while watching the news or reading/journaling. Lunch is usually like the picture below. Lean Pockets are the bomb diggity!

Run the dogs out after I eat and they want to play when we come inside. Sometimes I'll sit and play with them for a few minutes but I'm a terrible mother, so mostly not.

Plates are from Macy's. Don't like them anymore-- found some new ones I love!

Work until it's time to take Fenway out again at 3. Eat a snack/make calls/text Fenway's owner while we're on our walk.

By the time I get in my husband is usually home so I quickly say hi (tell him to give the dogs attention) and run back into the office until around 5:30-6.

My husband will do one of the following while I work: Eat, sleep, watch TV, play video games, make as much noise as possible, occasionally feed the dogs, and leave handcuffs/other police gear on our dining room table (because our neighbors don't think we are weird enough, now they come over and see handcuffs on our table. Sweet).

Around 6 I convince my husband to work out with me. Most days he says yes but his allergies are bad so he stays home. Boo.

7PM: Get home and my husband is asleep (poor guy) so I have soup and a grilled cheese for dinner. Wonder what he had for dinner. Probably ice cream. I'm an awesome wife.

Since I'm not supposed to take hot baths (major sad face) anymore, I put my feet in the tub and read for 15 minutes. My husband scared the daylights out of me by blowing his work whistle three inches from my face. I love him.

Since he did that I thought we could read together a little when I got out of the shower. I'll talk more about this book later but we're both in love with it. My husband is really involved with this whole pregnancy/birth and I'm so thankful.

I will discuss all my new reading material soon, promise!

We read for about a 1/2 hour, watched the news (yup, we 75 years old), and I went to bed.

Like I said, there really isn't a typical day in my life because my husband has such weird work hours/days.

That is pretty much how it works around here-- hope everyone has a great day!


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