Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life Without Paper Towels

Ahem. Note the snow cone cups and straws. Totally necessary. 

Around August I just stopped buying paper towels. We had one roll left and I specifically remember throwing it at my husband and saying "This is the last one. Let's see if we can live without them."

Not really sure what started the whole thing. Probably our lack of counter space. 

Haven't bought a roll since. Haven't really thought about missing paper towels, either. I cannot tell you how much money we have saved, not to mention the number of trees!

My sister visited in late August and before she came I just knew she was going to ask where they were after washing her hands. Funny thing: she never did. I kept saying "Do you see anything missing?".

Nope. Seriously, paper towels are not that necessary.

When people wash their hands in our kitchen sink there are numerous clean towels to choose from-- hanging out of the cabinet, in the sink, or in the basket on the floor.

Told you we don't have any counter space. 

And no, we don't have a ridiculous amount of towels to wash each week.

Do you think you could live without paper towels? Paper napkins? 

What do you have to lose by trying?

My next one my be paper napkins-- haven't decided yet. Would love to splurge on some cute cloth napkins but we use paper napkins all.the.time. 

Do you use paper towels currently? 

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