Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Question Friday-- April 19th

Happy Friday, y'all!

I have had the news on all day watching this nonsense in Boston. And of course I'm playing Sweet Caroline while I "work". My boss said she popped popcorn and is watching the news so you can guess what kind of "work" I have today. :-)

Tonight we are meeting a friend for dinner at our favorite burger place-- should be fun! Tomorrow I need to run to the mall for a few errands and Sunday will be cleaning...woo hoo!

You guys sent in a ton of questions regarding Baby B so I'll do my best answering them over the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend! xO

1. Are you excited to be a mom? What are you most excited for?

Obviously we are excited, LOL. My husband has literally been on cloud 9 since he got that life changing text in February. I was a bit more cautious (I still am!) at first, but definitely excited.

I definitely don't have something I'm most excited for, but here are a few: being a younger parent (therefore I'll be younger when he/she is older), finding out if we're having a boy or girl, having all our family/favorite people here in October to celebrate little's birthday, and experiencing a true miracle. I'm also excited to see my husband be a parent and our parents be grandparents. 

2. Are you going to post about pregnancy/Baby B?


3. Do you really think the gender predictor kit worked? (Here)

Guess I was not clear enough in my post, but no-- I know it's not a definite answer. :-) It was just a fun little thing to do!

4. Are you nervous/scared of anything?

Of course. For the first several weeks I was worried I would lose the baby, then I was worried I was carrying a dead baby, but that is such a typical fear for everyone.

I'm now in the "safe zone" so the chances are low, but I am still paranoid. I just have to remember that God has a plan and what's mean to be will happen!

I'm trying to educate myself as best as possible so I'm very aware of everything that's going on. This should hopefully eliminate some fears!

5. Do you think you still want to rent when baby comes?

Yes. I'll save a whole post for this but yes, I think we'll either renew our lease our find a cheaper place to live that's bigger.

I think if anything we'll be getting a bigger car. Keep ya posted!

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