Thursday, April 4, 2013


It all started 2 Saturdays ago.

My in laws were here, so the calls started coming Monday-- a payroll day (Basically, the busiest day of my week) to be exact.

Syracuse had won again and was officially in the tournament, and the Sweet 16 was DC at the Verizon Center.

First it was my dad. Then my aunt. Then my other aunt. Then my aunt's friends. Then several uncles. Then a cousin.

They. Did. Not. Stop. Calling. 

This was Monday. The game was Thursday.

Guess how much work was accomplished last week?


It was all my dad talked about all week. I could have told him I was in the ER with chest pain and he would have said "If Syracuse uses their Zone defense again, we definitely have a shot. But let's not get too excited".

Good thing I work for my family's company.

If they weren't talking about their defense, they were talking about tickets. Tickets, tickets, tickets. "We are sitting here. You are sitting there. We can meet at halftime. These tickets are 10 million dollars, these ones were only $50".

It was hilarious. Why? Because they are my family. And I love them.

Even if I had to drive around DC with drunkies in the back seat, running red lights, and having to make sure my husband gets to work in 3 hours. Safely. 

Yeah, that part sucked. But he had a great time.

Speaking of tickets, the only tickets we had were to all the games. So we were able to watch Miami play horribly before Syracuse played Indiana.

There were a TON of Indiana fans. And to be honest? I was pretty sure we were going to lose. When they announced their team, their fans were loud.

But they got awfully quiet (and ended up leaving) once we had a good lead. :)

Oh, the clown pants. Every Indiana fan was wearing them. When we were walking around I casually mentioned to my husband how funny it would have been to show up wearing the clown pants in Syracuse orange and white.

Then our friend showed up wearing Syracuse orange and white clown pants. So. Hilarious.

Side story: My dad had mentioned how quiet and reserved the Indiana fans would be compared to all the drunk Syracuse people. He was right. Until a guy near us provoked an Indiana fan by asking if they were taught how to shoot free throws at Indiana.

The Indiana fan got so mad he tried to rip his clown pants off and fight him, but they got stuck! Seriously couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.

So after we won against Indiana, we had all day on Good Friday to hang out before the game Saturday night.

Snuck these in the cart when my aunt was buying stuff at Target. De-lish. 

We went to Target for clothes. Why? Because nobody actually thought we'd win and stay another night. LOL!

I went to the cemetery with everyone but decided to duck out for the rest of the tourist stuff to actually get some work done.

The day ended at yet another bar, watching more basketball.

Hungover, we went to a diner for breakfast on Saturday. I'm such an awesome hostess at our little apartment I didn't even have milk. Sweet.

Every time we went out I insisted we toast to (hopefully) another win. 

Poor guy!

While we were shopping I spotted that orange jacket above. I was supposed to be helping my aunt find clothes but I accidentally lost her shirts and put on this jacket. I suck. I'm lucky I'm such a good hostess. Ha.

Again, we were not expecting a win but God and Syracuse had other plans! It was absolutely amazing to watch them all cut the net and especially Jim at the end. 

On to the Final Four! 

I'm just so happy with their season I don't care what happens. And after the recent injury of Louisville's Ware, I would be thrilled if they were the National Champions.

Okay, more later! Come back tomorrow because I'm posting about something we are living without in the kitchen..any guess?


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