Saturday, December 8, 2012

Closet Makeover #2

You've seen practically every closet our tiny apartment has-- my husband's closet dilemma, the linen closet, and our giant office closet

We like our closets. :) I like our closets organized. Obsessively so. And clean. And they have to smell nice.

Well I've mentioned that we've had a lot of changes to our office closet, but it's nothing major (luckily). It's still not perfect and I'm not quite sure it will ever be perfect. Oh well.

I posted about the awesome organizing rack our neighbors gave us. We love it! We are so thankful to have it because now that we have Christmas boxes, decorations, etc, we need it!

We really aren't junky people (I promise)! I just don't know why this closet makes us look like we're hoarders. 

The Bath & Body Works bags has a TON of smelly stuff and Christmas gifts. Mmmm. :) 

...And this is where my OCD genes start making me shake. There is no organization and honestly? I'm sort of OK with it. I don't have enough time to get on the step stool and make it look pretty for 4 weeks until it's time to fill all that stuff back up with Christmas decorations. 

I have images of that glass jar tumbling down. Will definitely keep ya posted if it does. ;)

That giant box is our Christmas tree! It's all so dysfunctional it's making me cringe. Oh well. Again, for a week weeks, I can deal. 

Truthfully that shelf way up high is not that bad. There are several bins inside one bin (stacked) and they will all be filled with Christmas decorations come 2013.

What will we do with the boxes then? Your guess is as good as mine. Foot rests? Seats at our dining room table? 

PS-- These chalkboard labels? They are amazing. You can see I am very crafty and have wonderful handwriting, but seriously-- check them out

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