Saturday, November 17, 2012

Attempted Holiday Photo {Fail}

It was going to be perfect. Simply perfect. 

All I wanted to do was recreate a photo I saw on Pinterest. It's pretty cute, right?

I thought how adorable it would be to have a photo like that and a wedding photo on our Christmas cards. Perfect.

Ha, not so much.

I made the signs as kind of a "test". If the photos turned out, I would either photoshop better signs in, or make better signs. Glad I didn't spend much time on them looking back!

Someone always has to start playing and ruin the picture.

Then it developed to full on wrestling. Screw pictures. 

That was the best I could get. Oh well, we tried. 

I wanted them in the same picture, and they just don't look happy! Ahem. Cocoa was petrified of the sign

This was about as close as she'd get. Dumb sign. 

So that was a giant fail. 

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