Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dad & Flat Stanley Visit DC!

I think if you click the photo, it will get larger.

My dad came up to accompany me to a doctor's appointment (maybe I'll post more on that later?) and we always have so much fun together. 

I need to be better about carrying my gigantic camera, small camera, or just taking photos on my phone. I only got a few photos! 

Oh-- and Flat Stanley came along with us. That little stinker-bell has been hanging on my "to-do" list for too long. We snagged one hilarious photo and I can ship Stanley back home to Florida tomorrow. 

Should I share the reason why I said "we snagged one hilarious photo"? 

I didn't think of the step idea at first. I had my dad holding him by the very tip and I was able to not get my dad in the photo. It looked okay, but not great. My dad was standing there holding Flat Stanley and someone shouted..

Flat Stanley!! Flat Stanley!! 

My dad said I turned all shades of red. :) 

I'm sort of obsessed with fall trees. We didn't get those colors in Fl!

That was me in the passenger seat. :)

I don't think the Pentagon gets enough respect!

We had lots of fun.. Besides that pesky doctors appointment. He even took me out for steak at the top of a building! It was wonderful. 

Love you, Papi (He loves when I call him that. Ha).

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