Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Thanksgiving 2012

My husband was able to spend Thanksgiving with me and it was absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad we decided on a whim to have him be here with me.

I asked him multiple times what he wanted for Thanksgiving Dinner, and he kept saying turkey & ice cream cake. Don't worry, we ate more than turkey & ice cream cake. :)

By this point I was wishing we could just go out for dinner. Glad we didn't, though.

The picture above was taken moments before the platter just collapsed. Fantastic! Luckily we got a ton of beautiful platters for our wedding so I quickly replaced it. 

I'm not a chocolate person but my husband is-- these are just box brownies and break and bake cookies. I know, I suck. 

Our favorite! 

Yup, that's 1 stick of butter just on the top. It wasn't a low fat day. 

I wish I was better about taking photos of what we ate. Whoops. Clearly you can see where my heart is-- dessert and mashed potatoes. Ha. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, rolls (burnt by yours truly), and lots of dessert. We also had a cheese ball for an "appetizer" that I believe I ate on my own. 

While I slaved away in the kitchen, my husband did a lot of this:

He was all hopped up on eggnog.

And this..

(Facetime/phone calls with his parents)

My husband is such a sucker for Cocoa's begging. It annoys me to no end that he will give her turkey like that! Judge us all you want, but please don't send me any emails or comments about it-- my inbox is overflowing. :) 

The aftermath..

My friend mailed me the white candles for our first Thanksgiving. Love her!

Keep an eye out for another post on what else we did! xO


  1. I would have dug into those mash postatos...I have a thing for butter!!! Glad you had a yummy Thanksgiving...and Cocoa did, too! XO, Aimee