Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Question Friday-- November 9th

TGIF! Am I the only one who cannot believe 2 weeks from today is Black Friday? Will any of you be out shopping? We will be out early! I am excited. :)

This week was fairly normal-- work, cold, turning the heat on/off, and trying a few new recipes. You'll just have to wait and see if anything turned out!

And like I said 2 weeks ago, I've been answering questions from my inbox--

1. Why do you have to stop drinking Diet Coke?

I didn't have to per say, but it's something that should be done. My doctor did not like how much caffeine I was drinking plus the chemicals in Diet Coke are not pretty. I'll probably write up a post on my progress of quitting.. It's hard!

2. Were you a bridezilla when you got married?

You might want to ask my husband, MIL, or my dad for their opinions! LOL.

Honestly, in my opinion, no. I really didn't care. You can probably tell from my 100 Real & Honest Wedding Tips that I was very calm and just wanted it to be fun, beautiful, and memorable. And it was.

3. What kinds of meals do you make for dinner, lunch, etc?

I like to cook all sorts of things! Sadly, my husband is very picky to the point where I used to get offended. My mother was a gourmet cook and taught me everything I know. Don't worry, I don't get offended anymore!

We have the usual stuff for breakfast and lunch-- cereal, fruit & yogurt, fruit & granola, sandwiches, grilled cheese, etc. My husband still likes cereal for 5 year-olds but I deal with it. :)

This was a text from a while ago, but you get the point.

For dinners we'll do pasta with veggies, lasagna, soup (a lot of them this time of year!), chicken cordon bleu, etc. I really don't eat much meat besides the occasional chicken (And who doesn't like a well cooked steak?). It doesn't appeal to me very much! I usually make everything homemade but some nights I just cannot. That's when we resort to Trader Joe's or take out.

4. Do you play Words With Friends? Can I play you?

LOL, awesome question. Yes, but I don't get on all the time so don't be upset if I don't play right back! My name is elboese6212.

5. If you had 1 hour for yourself right now what would you do?

As in 1 hour of free time? Probably go get my eyebrows and nail does. Maybe a pedicure. Or a hair cut. Or I'd get the car washed.

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