Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Question Friday-- November 30th

Happy Friday! TGIF. Today was literally the most tiring day for me in a long time. I feel like I may crash just like I did after cooking Thanksgiving dinner..

Ha, okay maybe not. I seriously cannot believe I just put that picture on the internet.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get everything done that you need to get done! I'm sure you are all prepping for the holidays if you're anything like me.

1. Do you and your husband have any dietary restrictions?


2. Are you a "tell it like it is" person or a sugar coater?

Tell it like it is, sorry. I'm pretty honest. Sometimes I'll sugar coat for people I would feel bad hurting their feelings (people I really care about).

3. What apps do you have on your phone? Recommend any?

Interesting question!

Let's see: Twitter (@livegivesave), Facebook, Instagram (@elboese), Paypal, banking/credit card ones, Emojii, Pandora, Pinterest, My Verizon, iFunny, Words with Friends, spider & regular solitaire.

I really don't have a ton. Definitely recommend the banking ones if you're into that sort of thing. I love Emoticons and use them all the time! iFunny is great to keep you occupied in waiting rooms, etc. Spider solitaire is also fun.

4. Would you ever get a house keeper? 

Like a cleaning person? No, we don't. I feel like that's part of my job... maybe if we had money coming out of our ears I would consider it.

5. Do you color your hair?

No. LOL I really wonder where these questions come from! I love you all but really?

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