Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grooming & A Tick

So I've talked before about how bad my babies need to be groomed.. I was trying to put it off so they would look cute all throughout the holidays and especially for a holiday photo. 

Clearly God had other plans for us! 

Yesterday I posted on my personal FB that I was pretty sure Oreo had a skin tag. I felt something bizarre behind his ear and everyone said not to worry. It was black, which is the color of his skin, so I really didn't think much beyond that. 

In the middle of the night I woke up for some water and saw something on the floor. Naturally I picked it up and it was the "skin tag". 

.. Except it was a dead tick. Never seen one in my life but Google told me so. 

I'm still a little confused why he got a tick on him when we're paying $15/month for both of them to get flea/tick/heart worm medication. 

Alas, he's fine. But I still felt better knowing he could go to the groomers and get everything chopped off. I'm still worried about my baby, but at least now I can see his skin better. 

Yup, that's a hair clip. Cute, huh?

My little ragamuffins. The groomers were so great and took them at 10AM (2 hours after I called)! 

3 hours and $130 later they looked like this..

Sorry, that's a phone photo. They were running like crazy when they came home! 

I love Oreo's bandana-- it's red for Veteran's Day. Cocoa has the funniest looking bows. Here's a closeup. 

Our little princess!

Some questions that I know will come to my email so I'll answer them now:

-- Don't you have to clean everything? Yes, everything is being washed.

-- Shouldn't you get Cocoa checked? Yes! She got a (expensive) tick bath as well.

-- How did your dog get a tick? I have no idea! Virginia is a common area. Because we haven't had our first hard frost yet, bugs are still around outside. 

That will save everyone some time. :) Also! If you have any tick medication that you recommend definitely comment below or email me! xO

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  1. You posted this over a year ago but I just found a dead tick IN my dog!.... He just GOT BACK from the groomers and I was petting him and I felt what I thought was a skin tag but upon closer inspection I realized I could see under this "skin tag" and it was about to pull out/fall off. So I pulled on it and out it came. I've had to pull out a live tick before from my other dog so I knew immediately that this was just a dead one. So strange though that he was just at the groomers and they didn't feel it? Anywho, I'm glad to know that our flea/tick medicine is working! I would be more concerned if it was live lol! Hope you're babies are still doing well!