Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Husband is Home, Black Friday, & More!

So if you read my Thanksgiving post, you know that my husband was able to come home and eat turkey with me!

I keep trying to upload a video but it's not working correctly. Hmm. Well my husband was more excited to see our dogs than to see me. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. He insisted I video tape their "reunion" and it was pretty cute. The dogs were literally crying as they ran down the long hallway to meet him. 
And what kind of wife would I be if I didn't have some presents waiting for him?!

After presents we kind of just relaxed, called our family, watched movies, etc until dinner was ready. We did eat our backup pizza for lunch (more info. on that back here). 

To say they were excited would be a giant understatement.

Side note on the dogs: My MIL sent that throw and I've been sleeping with it. The moment I opened it, the dogs (mostly Oreo) wouldn't stop rolling it in and sniffing! I'm not sure if it's the material, but it's hilarious to watch. Not to mention the blankie is super cozy!

If you follow me on Instagram (@elboese), you probably saw this picture. 

This was by far the biggest hit! Hubby ate the M&M's and I had no problem inhaling the candy corn before he got here. Awesome. You can even see the extra dish to the side mostly filled with candy corn. Sweets are my thing. Ahem. 

PS-- What is the white/clear thing in the center of the candy dish? We don't know. I think I ate it. Whoops. 

After dinner we walked to Target to see all the crazy Black Friday shoppers. There was a giant line outside of Best Buy but Target was already opened. We just walked through, saw some deals on TVs, grabbed more candy/drinks, and left. 

We headed to our favorite spot downtown. We were really bundled so I ate an entire bag of Swedish Fish while my husband picked out specific colors of the Skittles. Yum! 

The next morning we woke up and headed to the mall. 

Besides the charm for me and a few shirts for my husband, we got a few Christmas presents. Mostly Bath & Body Works and some other stores. Totally regretting putting off this holiday shopping. It's got to get done within the next 2 weeks!

To say I had a lot to do on Sunday and Monday would be an understatement. 

And if you look super closely you can see our newest family member! Can't wait to post about our elf. Keep your eyes out. 

..And yes that is a Diet Coke. I suck.

PS-- Yes, that is most definitely a lighter on the floor. Awesome. 

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