Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cindy the Elf

After 33 seconds of thought in Target on Black Friday, we have a new family member! 

Isn't she sa-weet? Seriously, I could eat her up. I knew right away I wanted our elf to be a girl, so my husband decided on the name. Cindy as in Cindy Lou Who. :)

Once we brought her home, there was an instant love connection between Oreo-Jack and Cindy.

Yup, he quickly got to second base within minutes. That's the $5 skirt I insisted she needed. What little girl named Cindy doesn't deserve an adorable polka dot skirt? 

They went to bed together on her first night here..

My husband really frowned upon Oreo playing with her, but she's stayed perfectly safe thus far. Promise. :)

The story is super sweet. I definitely recommend an elf for your family! You can read reviews and see more info on Elf on the Shelf here

Oh-- I'm sure this question is coming. YES, we plan on "hiding" Cindy throughout our house. My husband hid her for me and I found her in my desk with a note (pictured above). Now it's my turn! Any suggestions?

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