Saturday, December 8, 2012

Griswold Family Christmas

Like that? It was a free printable from a blogger. You can get it here

Okay, guess I mean-- Boese Family Christmas.

Christmas is kind of a big deal around here. Probably because my mom was obsessed with Christmas. Or because the first 3 years I was with my husband, we never spent Christmas together. We are still finding little traditions/ways to make Christmas "our" Christmas.

He lets me do my thing when it comes to the tree. To be honest he just likes to enjoy the tree/decorations, not set them up (or take them down). Guess I don't blame him.

Apologies! I have no idea what I'm doing for night photos. 

Yup, we have a fake tree. Judge me. It's actually quite beautiful-- not sure why it looks so scrawny in the photo above. It's a 7.5 Virginia Pine and it's on year 3. Definitely recommend Home Depot for your fake tree purchases. :)

And of course Cindy had to make a special appearance sitting on the "E" of Noel on our mantel. We have been hiding her everyday and it's so much fun! My husband found her in the freezer a few days ago and now it's my turn to find her. 

Much better. So love that the dog toys are making an appearance in this photo. Awesome. 

That angel! Boy, she is stubborn. My dad was here visiting and he helped decorate our house. He left the room for thirty seconds and while he was gone she tumbled down the tree. Such a pain. She's not exactly centered but I decided to pick my battles and not deal with the angel issue. 

My MIL got me into these candles. A-maze. Seriously. They are the only brand that actually spreads the scent all throughout your house. 

Although, if you're an addict like me (Ahem) you have 2 + a plugin in your tiny 2 bedroom apartment. He he. You have to get the Slatkin & Co brand, though, in Fresh Balsam. You will not be disappointed. Promise. You can read more about the candles here

Clearly my favorite ornament, duh.

One thing about ornaments-- I am a little weird about them. If I am gifted an ornament, I'll glady put it on my tree, but I cannot just go out and buy ornaments. They have to have a story or mean something to me. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's like this? 

I love to say "Oohh, I got that from _____ in (insert cool city here)". 

If we're out of town, I always try to buy an ornament (On our honeymoon, New York, etc). But I can't just go into Target and buy those. Sometimes they are super cute and I'll tell my husband/dad/friend that I loved the black fuzzy poodle ornament that was only $4 HINT HINT, Mr. Boese. ;)

These pictures were taken after I figured out what I was doing. Score!

My dad went to London and brought back the shoe ornament from Harrods. So cute! 

My mom bought my husband the purple Vikings ornament (he likes the Vikings) on her last Christmas she was with us. My husband is not into ornaments (or really anything sentimental) but he packages this one at the end of the season to make sure it's safe. He loves it. I'm glad. 

My mom loved cardinals so they hold a special place in my heart. I pretty much scream with excitement any time I see one. Anywhere. There are at least 10 cardinals on our tree. I think one year we'll have a tree dedicated to all our cardinals. She loved the male cardinals (red) but the females are cute, too! 

And my MIL gets me the White House ornament every year (top left). I'm not sure how she got into them, but because we're in DC I treasure them even more. I believe I have from 2008/2009-2012 and I adore looking at them through the years. Why yes, it does take me 84 years to decorate my tree.

Okay, I believe I have shown you 34534524 too many pictures. Cannot wait to share the latest updates,  Christmas plans, etc with y'all! xO

PS-- Convinced my dad I needed a rosemary tree. Doesn't everyone?

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