Monday, October 15, 2012

Can Dressing "Cute" (Or Just Getting Dressed) Change Your Mood?

Gap Tshirt (no longer in stores), Francescas Cardigan, American Apparel Jeans, Silpada Necklace

As most of you know, I work from home. There are so, so, SO many wonderful bonuses of working from home-- my doggies can go out when they need to, saving gas money, and I don't have to wear business attire. Shoot, I don't have to wear any attire. Ha.

Up until about a month ago, I would never get out of my workout clothes. I would wake up at 6, jog, do Hip Hop Abs, and never get dressed. *I should note that I do shower, thank you very much.

Okay, don't get me wrong-- I own "cute" workout clothes. But I'm pretty sure for at least a month I never put on a pair of jeans. That could be an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Then it started getting cold. And I would have to go places-- the store, see family who came to visit, appointments, etc.

Each time I would get dressed, I felt great. I'm not talking "gussied" up-- I'm talking jeans, sweater, coat, scarf, whatever. I would send my husband a picture and I kept telling him how much happier I was. I felt great. He would say the obvious "Well, why do you do that everyday?".

So I have been. For about 3-4 weeks now. I am so much happier and I feel good about myself! (Note: I never felt bad, doing this just makes me feel better).

Lil Oreo Bug had to get some photo action. I love these Sperry's!

Besides looking and feeling nice, there are more reasons to "get dressed" each morning: 

:: You are ready to go at a moment's notice. Our fire alarm went off and we were stuck outside in the cold for 30+ minutes. I'm so glad I had on warm fall clothes and not dry-fit workout clothes! A few nights ago my neighbors knocked on my door asking if I could go to dinner... right then... and I was able to!

:: You set a good example for family. 

:: You see how your body is doing. How are you supposed to know if all that working out if paying off? Nothing like putting on a pair of skinny jeans finding out they are loose (or you can't even button them)!

:: It's motivation. You better believe the first day I did this that I did not end my evening on the couch with Ben & Jerry. I actually went to bed after doing another Hip Hop Abs!

There are so many benefits. You just have to try it out! Give it one day. One day! And see how you feel. xO

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