Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life Lately

So much has been happening lately it's hard for me to catch my breath. All good things, of course. We only need good things this time of year, don't you think?

I told y'all that my husband came home and we are so happy to be together again after 3 months. (It was for work, he didn't leave me or anything). Figured that someone would email me asking that. No, he didn't leave me. LOL.

To say that dog is clingy is an understatement. 

36 minutes (not really) before my husband came home, I watched this movie (below). I won it from a giveaway and I was super excited. Not super excited about how sad it is. I am not really a crier but was definitely close. I definitely recommend this movie if you need a good cry.

My dad came for work and we (as always) had lots of fun. He was probably more excited to see my husband than to see me. No, not probably, he was

I should have done a whole post on what we did with my dad but we grocery shopped, went out to lots of fun places for dinner/lunch, and he helped me with projects around the house. Oh and he taught me how to iron. I hate ironing. 

Anytime we go somewhere this is how we walk. WE live in DC but my dad knows where to go, so hubby follows closely behind and I'm way back.. taking in the scenery and taking photos. 

And that jacket.. Oh my there is a story with the jacket! Everything has to have a story, right? Well, my husband has had the same jacket for a while, and it is one of those jackets for going in the snow and sledding, etc. Not a jacket you would wear on a fall day when it's 40 degrees. You get me?

I kept making jokes "Honey, we're not going skiing, are we?". I know, I'm a brat. It was funny. My dad found this jacket at Macy's and insisted on getting it for him. My dad is the bomb diggity and now no more jokes. Plus, shouldn't a guy have 2 coats-- 1 for skiing and 1 for regular days? Ya feel me?

We went to a sports bar for dinner 1 night and they stared at the TVs.. so boring-- I needed a girl there with me! Oh we ordered a HUGE plate of nachos which were absolutely delicious.  

He taught me how to iron (correctly) and I'm super grateful! Before I would just slap the iron around and pray the wrinkles would leave. Now I know what I'm doing. :-) Thanks, Papi! 

And on Sunday we took the dogs to PetMart to get their photo with Santa. They were surprisingly well behaved. Santa (AKA-- a doctor that works at PetsMart) was shocked at how much they loved him. For $10 you got the picture in the frame above. Not bad!

So for the most part that is all that's going on! I think later this week I'll be posting some interesting stuff so you'll have to stick around. xO

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