Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chalkboard Tutorial Using Door Mirror

This is a tutorial for a chalkboard made from an over the door mirror. I have another tutorial for a chalkboard made from a picture frame. Click here to jump to that. 

I am in LOVE with my brand new chalkboard! Earlier today I was beginning to think it may not turn out (more on that later), but it's absolutely perfect.

So, here's how it worked! Before I tell you how it works-- it wasn't super easy, but it definitely wasn't difficult.

Friday after work we headed to Home Depot
:: Chalkboard paint (The kind you actually paint, not spray paint)
:: Primer (Any kind will work)

This is the kind I got. Valspar. 

:: Brushes (I got cheap ones, probably $1.25 each)
:: Paint for the frame of my mirror (You can read more about that here because I used it for my other project). I got the $2.49 sample ones for the wall in a color I'm not fond of learning to like.
:: Painter's tape

Next up we headed to Target
:: Cheap over the door mirror (I'm not kidding, it was $3)
:: Tiny paint brushes (These are in the kids school section-- I think Rose Art was the brand we got)

*Make sure your frame has a way to hang it up. 
*If you get a mirror that can be taken out of the frame, you've got it easy! Otherwise, painter's tape will come in handy.

Here's what you do
:: First things first, cover your work space with lots of newspaper or crummy towels.
:: Get your primer and cover the whole thing-- mirror and frame. It doesn't have to be super think, and 1 coat will be just perfect. Try not to glob it. :)

:: After you've primed it, let it dry overnight or for about 6-8 hours.

:: After it's completely dry get your painter's tape and go to town. I was a little overly-obsessive, which is not necessary. Just cover the frame so you don't get any chalkboard paint on it. If you do that's OK, because you'll be painting it a different color anyway. 

:: Next up get your chalkboard paint and get going! 

Aren't you glad I used painter's tape?

:: Step back and let it dry about 2 hours. (I know, this waiting is insane!) After 2 hours, paint another coat of chalkboard paint and wait about 6-8 hours. 

:: After it's dry, peel off the the painter's tape and (using your tiny paint brush) paint the frame of your mirror using the color of your choosing. This part wasn't hard, but it was time consuming. If you have someone willing to help (no kids!), have them sit at one end and paint while you do the other. 

:: Let the frame part dry for a couple hours (2) and then do another coat. Trust me it will be worth it! Let the frame part dry for another 4-6 hours.

:: Sit back and enjoy! Have your handsome husband hang it up.

See my other project to the left? Click here for that one.

Enjoy! I hope this tutorial has helped! xO

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  1. I had been looking online for something like this for my kitchen, but after reading your tutorial, I'm pretty confident that I can make this myself, and can customize it to fit my décor! You made it seem super easy...thanks!