Friday, August 16, 2013

Bumpdate-- 30 Weeks

Ten weeks to go! Well, actually my due date is 9 weeks from tomorrow. Holy macaroni! I keep thinking of all the crap that needs to get done between now and then-- cleaning, stocking up our freezer with some freezer-friendly meals, and not to mention the fact that we don't even have a car seat for this baby, ha! We'll be good. :)

Besides being sick the past week, I've been feeling great. Sleeping a little bit better but I have trouble getting comfortable. I miss sleeping on my belly so bad. We have a check up on Tuesday so I need to get my questions together.

How far along? 30W6D

Maternity Clothes: Not really wearing them that much. I'm much more comfortable in my Victoria's Secret sweat pants/capris and a maternity T-shirt or tank top.

I think I'm going to order some more VS sweats for after baby is here-- they just seem so comfy to wear while lounging around the house with a newborn.

Stretch Marks? No new ones, thank goodness! Just my boobs and one on my butt, ha ha.

Sleep: Sleeping better than last week. Still cannot get enough sleep. Guess when you're up 3 times a night to pee you need a good nap every afternoon. :)

Best moment this week: Our little nursery project has been so much fun! I'll post more about it later, but here's a cute sneak peek:

We also got to see my FIL on Monday. He helped me rearrange the nursery so we have more floor space. Actually I just stood there and he did everything. 

Miss anything? Miss having 3 or 4 Diet Cokes a day. Every afternoon I want to crash without one! Also miss sleeping on my belly. And I could seriously go for a fruity drink right about now.

Craving anything? Not really. Just Diet Coke and water, bananas, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

My husband did get us Five Guys on Sunday but it wasn't as good as I was expecting. Honestly, my meal was a waste of money. I almost cried over it but I didn't want to make my poor husband mad. Instead I pouted in our bedroom with several episodes of Dance Moms and an entire watermelon.

Movement: Our gymnast loves my right side, that's for sure. She's pretty stubborn, though. She won't move around much for her daddy-- he has to quietly sneak over to my belly and then she'll move. She's such a stinker!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, just the oven. And my husband had wings last night...gross.

Have you started to show yet? I think yes!

Gender: Girls rule and boys drool.

Labor signs: No. Like I would know what it feels like!

Belly button in or out? Barely in, still dark.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: 50/50 ;) Still very blessed and thankful, but being sick was MISERY. So thankful that's over with.

Looking forward to: Our little nursery project this weekend, seeing my dad on Monday, and appointment Tuesday.

Symptoms: Dry mouth/chapped lips, headaches, and sore/achy.

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