Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- August 20th

I'm trying to get better about taking photos and documenting day to day life. It's definitely something I force myself to do almost every day.

It's really starting to get nice here at night. Temperatures of 60's-70's for evening walks is perfect! The dogs love being outside at this temperature and could hang out all night if we let them.

The doggies are loving their perch! They sit there throughout the whole day and just relax, sun tan, and bark at people. I keep a blanket there so they can fluff it up and be cozy wozy!

The other day they watched a cop give someone a parking ticket.. it was probably the most exciting part of our day! Ha.  

And yesterday I felt so accomplished-- woke up, worked out, showered, and even makeup before 9AM! I sat on the couch while talking to my boss on speakerphone. :) 

And I may or may not have had a giant bowl of fruit with a spoon. 

Saturday night..waiting for their daddy-O to get home. Cocoa was snuggled so perfectly and jerk wad had to sit on top of her! 

Obviously there are no words necessary..Fenway is a troublemaker. 

And nothing like going to the doggie play area to discover it's no longer there...This is where everyone gathers after work to let their dogs play. Yeah, not cool. 

Apparently they are tearing up the whole area to build a bridge or something. Boo. 

I hate, hate, triple hate folding socks! My husband has 600,000 and they are all black and never match up. It drives me bonkers. Every Sunday I make him fold his own socks. He thinks I should just shove them in the drawer unmatched, but that gives me heart palpitations. 

That's all that's knew around here! Very quiet lately, which we love. :) Enjoy your day! xO

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