Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Question Friday-- August 30th

Happy Friday people! Hope you all are enjoying your Friday and that you get a nice 4 day weekend. Woo hoo! 

Sorry for the major lack of posts this week. Hoping to get back in my game today/this weekend. Not too much going on here this week-- lots of Lifetime movies while I work, phone calls, jammies, and headbands arriving for BG. 

Today is hopefully going to be quiet work-wise, so besides walking a new dog and dusting the whole house, I plan to relax and catch up on other house stuff. And get my eyebrows waxed. Majorly. 

Enjoy your weekend and Labor Day! xO

1. What Etsy shops do you like and recommend? (From this post)

Jameson Monroe for baby headbands (pricey, but have heard great things). Plus I think if you like them on FB you get a coupon. 

Got a very inexpensive Halloween headband from this shop.

We ordered our crib bedding from Lolas Lovies and could not be more happy with it. Worth every penny and she was very flexible with what I wanted/didn't want. (Pictures of nursery bedding here).

2. What is your cleaning schedule? Do you do it all in one day? 

Good Lord, no! I can do a more thorough post on this if you'd like, but I do a bit each day. Because my job is incredibly busy on Mondays, quiet on Thursdays, etc, I plan my bigger jobs on the slow days (ie: vacuuming) and the small jobs (toilets) on busy days. 

I keep a "schedule" on the side of our fridge. By the end of the week the entire house has been cleaned from top to bottom. (Not including baseboards, those are monthly). 

Someone want to convince my husband we should have a cleaning lady come before BG's arrival? 

3. How do you put words on your photos?


4. Are you getting nervous for baby's grand arrival? Is your husband? 

Not really. We are taking classes and I trust that my body will know what to do! Plus I've been listening to my Hypnobabies CDs like it's going out of style. Maybe I'm going into this with rose colored glasses on, but hey-- I feel calm! 

My husband on the other hand (bless his heart!), is nervous for how it's all going to happen. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night to pee he asks if I'm okay.. "Is it the baby?" NO! Just have to pee again! 

5. When is your due date? How much longer? 

My "due date" is October 19th. I put quotes because the chances of her arriving on her due date are very slim. Plus, most first time moms go over. She'll come when she comes. :) 

I'll be considered full term September 28th (37 weeks) and she'll be welcome any time after that! 

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