Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Question Friday-- August 16th

Woo hoo it's Friday! :) Sorry about my lack of posts this week, I've been battling some sickness. Boo. I'll get back on track today, promise!

Let's see.. we don't have anything crazy planned this weekend besides this one small nursery project. Can't wait to post about it! My dad is coming on Monday so I'll probably do a quick clean this weekend.

My husband and I have become obsessed with Orange is the new Black, so I'm sure there will be lots of that this weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone! xO

1. Where did you get the blanket from in this post

It's from Etsy-- Lola's Lovies customized it for me.

2. Are you ever going to post about your mom? 

Darn! I will, sorry. I know I said I would, just keep forgetting. Sorry!

3. How are you feeling? Do you like being pregnant? Not much longer!

Thanks for asking! I feel great, to be honest. Surprisingly I'm not swollen (yet?) and I really don't feel that big. I really give a lot of credit to working out constantly. Hopefully I'll get back to my pre-prego body quickly! I'm anxious to take little miss for a jog in the stroller, walk in the sling, or just a long walk outside this fall.

Yup, I love being pregnant! I'm so thankful to be carrying my little gal and try not to complain so much. When I do complain, my dad and husband usually want to smack me.

4. What do your weekends usually look like? Does your husband always have to work? 

Weekends are always unpredictable. My poor husband works Saturdays so I try to get house stuff done that day. A typical Saturday is "sleep in", stay in my jammies, clean up/laundry, grocery shop, and meal plan for the week.

Sundays are a bit more fun-- sleep in, church, maybe go out for breakfast, play with the puppies, watch shows, and lots of PJ time.

Our philosophy for weekends is this-- we work hard during the week so we like to play hard during the weekend. I have no shame being in my jammies throughout the day on Saturday. :)

5. What's your dream job?

Hmm, well I love what I do now so I consider myself super blessed. BUT, in another life I would have loved to go to the naval academy. I have a friend who went there and it just seems so cool! Not sure if I would survive, but it'd be a fun experience.

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