Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bumpdate-- 28 Weeks

Why yes I dressed the dogs in BG's dress and taggie blanket. You can see the pictures here

He he. :) 28 weeks and feeling exhausted. It is horrible. Does anyone recommend any natural tips for curing this exhaustion? If so, please comment below.

The receptionist called me a few minutes ago and informed me that I passed my glucose test. Bring on the sugar! Kidding, a little. :)

Some of you asked what I ate before the test so I thought I'd share: The night before I had dinner around 6PM. I had spicy grilled chicken with some pretzels and peanut butter. My test was the next morning around 8AM (I think?) and I didn't have a thing for breakfast, just water and the glucola.

How far along? 28W5D

Maternity Clothes: Why must we ask this every week? It's not as if I'm getting smaller. Yes, especially loving my maternity shorts from Motherhood. They are a soft cotton material and I wear them 24/7. I have a pair in light blue (my fav color!) and a pair in white.

Stretch Marks? A few on my boobs. Nothing on my belly (yet?).

Sleep: Officially hit a wall with sleep. Not sleeping well at night-- constantly hot and switching from one side to the other. This leaves me extremely exhausted all morning and hyper all night. Sweet.

Best moment this week: We ordered a few things for BG's nursery! Despite not wanting to go the "cube" route, we got this organizer. BG's room is tiny and this will be her main clothing organizer. I am going to wait until the unit comes before I buy any baskets or bins. Suggest any? I'm not a fan of those fabric ones.

And of course Target had 2 headbands on clearance so I threw those in the online cart..Less than $5 for both--score! My friend Melissa suggested these nursery refreshers, so I snagged a ten pack of them.

And the biggest news of all? Hearing I passed my glucose test! Woo hoo!

Miss anything? Diet Coke and coffee. Okay, caffeine in general. And sleeping through the night.

Craving anything? Water, cereal (Fruity Pebbles), fruit, and milk. Not really as hungry anymore.

Yes, I filled it to the rim. 

Movement: My little gymnast! :) Still most active at 10-11AM and 10-11PM. 11PM is her witching hour-- finally got a video of my alien belly. I can't wait until I can tell what is what..booty/arms/legs/etc.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Greasy food-- burgers, nachos, and anything of the like. All I want is fresh, healthy, or cold food. Well, last night I wanted a hot dog but that passed when the smell took over the house. The oven is still making me sick, too.

Have you started to show yet? Yes?

Gender: Girls rule :)

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In, I think. Slowly becoming flat. It's also dark. And I think I'm getting that line down my belly? My body is full of strange marks.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and blessed. But I get crabby when I'm tired (and I'm tired 24/7). My poor husband.

Looking forward to: The nursery stuff arriving, setting it all up, and getting ready for our little girl!

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue and side belly pain after sleeping.

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