Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bumpdate-- 31 Weeks

31 weeks and the extreme exhaustion has hit full force. Boo. I'm feeling how I was back in February when I couldn't tell anyone I was pregnant.. it was awful!

Most days look something like this: wake up around 7, walk the dogs, inhale breakfast, talk to my boss on the phone (go over work issues), return emails, nap around 11AM, lunch (typically in bed), more phone calls (sometimes from bed), snack, DIET COKE!!!, tidy up the house while making work calls, and dinner/nap. My energy peeks around 7PM and I'll walk about 4-5 miles/online shop/talk on the phone until my husband gets home around 11. Then I crash. Repeat.

I had a checkup on Tuesday and BG was doing just dandy. My belly measured exactly 31 weeks-- so right on track. I got the TDAP vax and that was about it. Pretty uneventful.

How far along? 31W5D

Maternity Clothes: Not wearing much. My maternity jean shorts were uncomfortably tight around my thighs (awesome)-- I think my hips or something got wider. Love wearing these shorts with Target tees and my husband's socks.

Stretch Marks? Nothing new.

Sleep: Cannot get enough sleep. It's very hard to fall asleep but when I do, I sleep great.

Best moment this week: Our nursery rug arrived! (More on the nursery back here). The dogs were totally obsessed from the moment it came out of the box. I'm looking forward to lots of tummy time on this rug. Maybe even monthly photos? In love with it!

The dogs have been "digging" on the rug every chance they get. 

Miss anything? Not being tired 24/7, unlimited Diet Coke, and hot baths.

Craving anything? Just candy corn. Besides that, water and fruit.

Movement: She's a pretty active little gal! I will certainly miss all this movement when she's here. :) She can move my phone when it sits on my belly. It's too funny.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Hmm, just the oven. And anything fried.. eww.

Have you started to show yet? I think so! It's quite obvious now, people don't to have to wonder if I'm fat or pregnant. I'm both, obviously.

Gender: My headband wearing little girl!

My MIL has been busy crocheting for BG. Isn't that headband the cutest?!?! I'm fairly certain she'll never have a naked head. And a sweater is in the works.. possibly a going home outfit? Cannot contain my excitement! 

Labor signs: No. But totally scary when I left my appointment and the review sheet said "Call when your contractions are 4 mins apart for at least an hour".. Hold the freaking phone!

Belly button in or out? Same, barely in and dark.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy, blessed, and thankful.

Looking forward to: Traveling to NY for our shower September 15th, Labor Day grilling, and getting myself some candy corn! Oh and seeing family in the upcoming weeks/months.

Symptoms: Major, major, major acid reflux. It's the worst! Had it for hours last night before bed and was almost in tears. Finally fell asleep and got it again today after eating a Jalepeno Lean Pocket LOL.


  1. I absolutely can't believe it's 31 weeks already, time is flying and I'm dying to see pics of your little girl in only a few more months!!

    Your nursery looks adorable and I'd totally roll around on that rug too... while playing with the GIRAFFE!!!! :)


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