Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Blessings on Friday-- August 23rd

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm so thankful it's the's been a long week and I'm ready to recharge this weekend.

Once again I wanted to do the 5 Blessings on Friday instead of Five Question Friday. It helps me be thankful for the little things throughout the week! I will change it up each week to keep it interesting. Some weeks I get more questions than others.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! xO

1. I'm so blessed that I never have to be alone..ever. Some people don't have the pleasure of showering while a 4 legged friend watches. Hey-- at least I know nobody can come in and pull a Psycho move on me while I'm in the shower!

No it's cool. I'll watch you shower. 

2. Friends. My friend made me dinner a few nights ago. Actually it was more like an "ensemble". She came by our apartment, grabbed the dogs and me, and we went to her apartment for BBQ and fruity non-alcoholic drinks. Afterwards she even took the dogs out for me. If it were appropriate to kiss her, I would have. 

3. Nights alone. I'm blessed to have Tuesday through Saturday nights all to myself. In two months I'll be wishing I had peace and quiet! 

4. Cooler weather. On my nights alone, I love nothing more than walking in the cool weather. Some nights it gets as low as 65! My husband thinks I'll eventually just walk this baby right out of me. :)

5. Talented people on Etsy. I know it sounds crazy, but there are some pretty talented people on there!   I'm so thankful to have found great businesses and deals on there. Most of these people I've made multiple purchases from because they are so great to work with! 

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