Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope all your little ghosts and goblins are out trick or treating and getting lots of good candy. :) 

Because we're in an apartment building, we don't get trick or treaters from other areas. We just get kids who live in our apartment building. Yeah, I rock because I didn't buy 1 piece of candy. Sorry, kids. 

How am I supposed to pass out candy with these two and hold the door and not scare away children? 

Suppose I should explain the costumes. See the white thing in the center of the photo? It's Cocoa's costume. 

It's too tight. 

Ahem. I promise you it fit when I bought it 2 months ago. 

So, we had to settle with the pumpkin shirt. She is a little embarrassed. 

Oreo is going with Spiderman for the 3rd year in a row. He loves it. Every time a kid sees him in his costume they shout "Spiderman!!" "DAD! Spiderman!". It's hilarious. 

Yes, I'm a terrible mother. They desperately need to be groomed. Honestly? We are trying to wait as long as possible and as close to Thanksgiving as we can get. It will be another 2 weeks for these guys. Luckily, their fur is keeping them warm! 

Of course the chalkboard needed to be revamped for Halloween. I think before it said "Happy Fall, Y'all!". 

I think tomorrow I'll change it to a "thankful" quote. Any ideas?

Happy Halloween, everyone! xO

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