Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Has Come To The Boese's!

Three weeks to go!

Halloween is a big deal around here. I love all holidays but Halloween is super fun because of the decorations, scary music, and of course... CANDY

If you want to see where I got that lil' chalkboard you can read about it back here. It sits on my mantel and I've been great horrible at updating it. 

This little gem is not new, but I guess I never posted about it. It's from Pier 1-- I want to say $19.99 or maybe even less. It holds 3 tea candles and I just love it!

As you can see, I guess Oreo bug loves it, too! 

Love those purple spiders. 

Before I show the doggies, I have a disclaimer: No, these are not their halloween costumes, and YES, they desperately need a trim. Judge me. 

Well, that was Cocoa's costume last year. It's a T-shirt that says Trick or Treat and it glows in the dark. Then I added the Tutu so she'd look a little girly. They are both from Petsmart and were purchased the day after Halloween at like 70% off. 

I was really trying to get how cute it is but then this happened. 

Ahem. So well behaved. 

Happy Wednesday! xO

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