Friday, October 26, 2012

Life According to my Phone-- October 26

I jog to the same park everyday and I never noticed you could see the Capitol from it until a few weeks ago. Granted, I had to zoom in on my sad little iPhone but it was so cool to find it!

Clearly, I did a lot of jogging this day.

Fire alarm friends. The white dog in the middle is Riley-- he is my friends' dog, and Raleigh & Luca are jumping on their owner (my neighbor). Don't Raleigh & Luca look like Cocoa? 

Guess I should mention that this was the fire alarm that the police came to as well. We were outside for a good 30 minutes. 

That is my dog on the coffee table. 

And that is my dog on our dining room table. 

Cocoa had a seizure. She is 100% crazy normal now, but they are always a bit scary. One day I'll write about her condition when I have the time! 

Guess I should mention that no, our bedspread is not moons & stars, LOL. This was a few weeks ago before it got COLD and I just threw Nathan's quilt on the bed. A few days later I changed our bed stuff to the "winter" comforter. Maybe in a few weeks I'll buy flannel sheets! Target had some deals. :) 

I knew Cocoa was over her seizure when I found her leading Oreo in tearing up toilet paper.

This was a while back taken with my iPhone. I should start carrying my "big" camera around but I haven't fully learned how to use it at night. 

Both dogs have this weird thing now where they want to go in the bushes. All the time. It's a little embarrassing pulling them out of the bushes . . 

We love meeting up with the neighborhood doggies. Yup, mine are the only 2 that have to drag their leashes around. Why? Because a few months ago Mr. Oreo dashed out and ran into a bar. No, not a bar at a playground, a BAR. 

So now they run around with their leashes and I can just step on the leash if someone gets out of line. Needless to say I step on their leashes a lot. 

Beautiful fall is officially here!

See, I did change the stuff. This is pretty much what happens when it's time to change the sheets. Everyone just sits on the covers and I have to run in another room, they follow, then I run back and lock them out. It's quite a process. 

These are from a few weeks ago so I'll get better about doing this more often! xO

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