Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Survived Sandy!

After 12 hours of no power (I'm not complaining!), we are finally back up and running here at the Boese household! It was definitely not as bad in our area as the weather people were making it out to be.

Before the roads closed my neighbors and I went to Target for some last minute "stuff" to keep us busy and entertained. I also cheated and bought a Diet Coke. Shh!

When I got home from Target and still had power, I just worked. The dogs definitely knew something was going on and Cocoa just wandered around the entire day.

Eventually we went up to our roof and tried to get some cool photos. It was too foggy to get anything good but I'll post them anyway..

That's the airport parking lot. How exciting..

I really didn't take many pictures of the "damage". Besides a fallen tree on our power line, there wasn't much. Maybe I'll go outside and take some later. Maybe not.

Yesterday we woke up to no power. I was so surprised but remembered that the worst of it would be coming in the middle of the night. Our apartment was so cold I thought the dogs' noses were frozen. LOL. They were just fine. :)

After about 4 hours I headed to the mall because, as my husband says, I'm like a hummingbird in a shoe box. I had to get out of that house. I picked up a few things and walked around for a few hours. When I got home the power will still not on, but I cleaned and read. 

Finally around 7PM the power was back on! I immediately turned the heat & fireplace on. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and if you were in the path of Sandy I hope you are safe! xO

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