Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Week's Goals-- October 23rd

I suck at writing my goals down. This cannot be good for accomplishing my goals. :) I'm working on it, though, and that's got to me something, right?

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Well this week has certainly been interesting! Cocoa had a seizure last night so I've been watching her like a hawk. My plans for tonight were cancelled and I'm a little glad I can keep an eye on her. (One day I'll get my act together and write about her seizures). 

My neighbor came over to help me while Cocoa was having her seizure and she loved my chalkboard so I'm going to make her one tonight. We'll see how that goes. :)

Okay, here are last week's goals. Let's see how I did..

:: Run 4 miles 5-6 days this week. I'll be happy with 5 days. I mostly do it for the scenery-- I could run towards downtown everyday if I could. 

:: Fill out the paperwork that's in my file box. It just needs to be done. I'll feel better when it's done but it's about 20 sheets of forms. 

:: Head to the library. Nope. Maybe tomorrow?

:: Start looking for some freezer cooking recipes. I have a few but some were not worth the time. I'd like to find a solid ten.

:: Make appointments for the dogs to get groomed. Ha. Maybe this week.

:: Get car washed and stickers off. Still haven't managed to do this but I'd like to get it done because I guess they close when it gets too cold outside? It needs to get done! Ugh. This is just a pain. 

:: Read 30 minutes each day of my book. I'll post about it in more detail, but I never let myself "quit" a book. This one, though, might change that rule! We'll see. I'd like to suck it up and finish-- I'm about half way done! 

:: Order and begin to read Smart Couples Finish RichMy friend Brittany recommended this book to me. No luck! 

:: Head to the dog park at least once. I can't believe I have to make this a "goal" but I really do. Driving anywhere here takes 20 minutes so we rarely go places that require driving. That being said, the dogs need to socialize off leash every once in a while!

:: Link up with Mandy's Stop & Smell the Roses vlog. Yup, vlog. That means video! Stop & Smell the Roses is a series Mandy does and you vlog about something that is making you smile or something you're thankful for. Seems easy, right? She links this up tomorrow, I believe, so I should do it tomorrow. Seriously, no excuses. 

Here are this week's goals:

:: Write a letter to my soldier. 

:: Finish chalkboard for neighbor and deliver. Include some extra chalk!

:: Do my jogs and ab-work 5 times each week (20 miles, 5 hours of abs total).

:: Get the dogs set up with a vet.

:: Read for 30 minutes each day. I'm so over this dumb book but I need to finish it! 

:: Head to the library. I love being able to check out lots of books and DVDs. The parking is a pain but maybe I'll start going there a bit earlier.

:: Stay strong with no more Diet Coke. :( I'll admit I snuck out and bought one while I was grocery shopping. Ugh. I'm feeling the effects of no caffeine and it sucks

:: Head to the dog park 1 time this week. 

:: Write up a post about things we don't use around the house (like paper towels).

:: Read the sample ballot that came in the mail. I know nothing about the VA stuff I need to vote for in a few weeks. Better get my learning on. :)

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