Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anniversary Journal-- A Wedding Gift We Love {How To}!

About a week before our wedding someone we've never met dropped off a gift at Nathan's parents' house. I couldn't believe how kind that was, and assumed it was your average wedding gift (which would have been more than appreciated)-- money, gift card, picture frame.

No, it was our second favorite wedding gift (Remember our favorite wedding gift?)!

An Anniversary Journal

What a creative gift! I'm not sure if this person came up with this herself or not, but I have to share. 

This journal was wrapped with a beautifully written letter. Because I don't have her permission I won't write the whole thing, but it basically says:

:: Celebrate your marriage on the ___ of each month for the first year. This may simply be a kiss and the recognition that it's the that it's the ___ of the month. 

:: Whatever is done on this day, record it in the journal.

:: Keep a record of how you celebrate your anniversary each year. 

:: List significant events from the previous years (if you wish) and any dreams or hopes for the future. 

It wasn't super fancy, just typed. 

Do you know someone getting married? This is the perfect wedding/shower gift! I'm telling you, it's definitely frugal but very meaningful. 

Enjoy! xO

PS-- Here's a peek of what was going on while I was trying to take photos!

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